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Why So Many Californians are Moving to Tennessee?

Tennesseans have long understood the many facets of the state that make it a great place to live. Beautiful scenery, diverse activities, reasonable cost of living, and wonderful people. Increasingly, those from other states are coming to appreciate Tennessee life, and the number of Californians now calling Tennessee home is rising dramatically. So, what’s bringing all the Golden State denizens to Tennessee?

1. Freedom to move – While many companies have returned to the office, around 62% of adult workers spend at least some of their time working remotely. This growing trend has created a shift in how workers view their work-home balance and has given many the freedom to reconsider where they live, whether they remain remote workers or not.

2. Affordability – While the cost of living is increasing for everyone, the tax rates and skyrocketing housing costs in California has many looking for more affordable options for themselves and their families.

3. Droughts and fires – California is in a constant state of drought. Years of deficit snowfalls have left citizens dealing with water shortages and rationings. The extreme drought conditions have led to record fires leveling whole communities. Many are exhausted from living under the threat to their homes.

4. Music and culture – Nashville has long been recognized as the capital of country music, while Memphis is home to the birth of rock and roll and a mecca of blues icons. Many of those moving have cited their excitement towards exploring new culture and artistic styles.

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