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Who Pays for Closing Costs: Buyer or Seller?

In 95% of situations, the seller pays for closing costs, including home inspections. This doesn’t mean the buyer is totally off the hook, though. Those inspections can turn up a number of items that need repaired, and some will be more critical/time sensitive than others. As for immediate repairs, such as a septic tank that needs immediate attention, it’s important for the buyer to negotiate with the seller to cover those costs before the purchase is final--unless it was clear from the beginning that this was an “as is” property.

It is important for the buyer to know what the seller commonly pays for that will benefit the buyer, especially if negotiation of costs is on the table. For instance, a seller will often pay for a home warranty, which usually runs around $500. They are also commonly responsible for wire transfer fees, as loan companies tend to transfer money the day of the closing, and there are usually negligible fees (somewhere are $50) attached to these transfers. Although the costs associated with any closing will be slightly different than any other, it’s always good for a buyer to know which fees customarily fall to whom, in order to have more leverage during negotiations.

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