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Open House Success!

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

It’s helpful to think of your open house as a lowkey neighborhood get-together! Remember, even though you’re meeting potential buyers, it’s still your home, and nobody knows how to make it feel warm and inviting the way you do! Make sure the lighting is warm and flattering to your guests and home! Stage your home in a way that expresses comfort and class! Don’t forget the refreshments! Be advised to steer clear of the bubbly, but how about some sparkling grape juice to compliment a plate of cheese and crackers?

Don’t Forget the Facts

Even though an open house should have the feel of a fun and breezy weekend get-together, it’s perhaps best to think of it as the kind of party thrown by a pampered chef rep! Think fun with facts at your fingertips. You never know what kinds of curve balls a guest might throw your way, so it’s important to refresh yourself on the home’s history, quirks, and recent appraisal, in order to fell totally serene and on top of things.

Advertise Far and Wide, then, Let Guests Roam Free

It’s important to let your open house guests feel a sense of freedom to move around in and explore the space. Perhaps, after a brief welcome and get-to-know-you chat, you might suggest they explore the quaint reading nook at the top of the stair. Giving permission to explore through the power of suggestion is a sure way to make your guests feel at home fast! Who knows, maybe by the end of the open house, they might never want to leave, and you’ll have yourself a buyer!

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