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How to avoid the pain of cloud on title

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is not uncommon for those mistakes to show up in title transfers. When there is a defect in a title transfer, it creates what is called a “cloud on title”. This means that there was a discrepancy at some point in the history of the property in question. Such discrepancies can be the result of simple human error, or of actual fraud being committed. Either way, it creates serious problems for the buyer of the property.

If you are dealing with a cloud on title, you need legal representation, and paying legal fees and retainers out-of-pocket gets very expensive, very quickly. This is one of the many reasons why you should always get title insurance on any piece of real estate you buy. Whether you are buying from a total stranger or your closest and most trusted relative, you need insurance.

Tri Star Title and Escrow has you taken care of. We offer title insurance so that you can be sure your property and all the rights you have to it will be protected, also so that you will be protected from liability for defects in the title history that are not your fault. Whether someone made a simple human error in filling in a form, or actual fraud was committed, title insurance will help you to afford the litigation that necessarily follows.

No matter what the purpose of your real estate transaction, you should always protect your assets. Please do not leave yourself vulnerable to the consequences of others’ mistakes: Call Tri Star Title and Escrow and ask us about our title insurance options. (615) 425-3350

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