How to Avoid Mistakes When Closing - Insurance, Escrow, Settlement in Murfreesboro TN

How to Avoid Mistakes When Closing

Closing on a home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. It is so easy to make mistakes. Your realtor or escrow agent will be there to help you along the way. Here are somethings you can do to help yourself in the end.

1. Stick to the dates- There is a timeline for any sale that outlines the deadlines for you. If you miss those deadlines, it could be seen as a breach of contract. You might have to pay fines, or penalty fees, or end up losing your dream home altogether.

2. Stay caught up with all of the professionals involved - There are a lot of people involved in closing on a house; an appraiser, a loan officer, an escrow agent, a real estate agent, and an inspector. Everyone is on a tight schedule. Don’t be afraid to make sure that everyone is doing their part by the time that they are supposed to do it. You don’t want to lose your new home because of a mistake or a missed deadline from a professional

3. Don’t take on too much debt during ESCROW - Don’t make any big ticketed purchases. This is the time that the bank is assessing your financial records and figuring out your debt to income ratio. Upsetting that balance right now could mean a much higher mortgage rate or losing a chance at your dream home once and for all.

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