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Housing Market Crash? Think Again, Say Economists

There’s been a lot of worry lately around the housing market. Specifically, many are concerned the market will crash, much like it did in 2008. However, the general sense among economists is that this is very unlikely. The market tends to go through cycles like this. Economists are saying what the market is heading for is more like a plateau. Home prices being at a high may indicate that the market will calm down, but it doesn’t mean a crash is coming. Simply put, the current condition of the market is not at all what it was in the early 2000’s.

The chief cause of the crash in 2008 was an improperly regulated mortgage boom. The lack of concern among economists now is because there are new regulations in place. These regulations keep lenders who won’t be able to pay their mortgage from taking one out in the first place. This time, housing prices are rising because of the low amount of homes for sale, and the high demand. If you’ve been concerned about buying or selling a home in the current market, you can let those worries go. Whether buying or selling, Title & Escrow is here to you get an excellent deal.

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