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5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Home Inspection

When selling your house, you should keep in mind that quite a bit hinges on the home inspection. A good home inspector will look at literally every aspect of the house, from visibly serious foundation issues to something as seemingly insignificant as a hole in the vinyl siding. Here are 5 simple ways to get a leg up on your home inspection, even if your house seems to be in perfect shape.

1. Check and update your gutter system.

This includes not only the gutters themselves, but also what’s beneath them. Many home inspectors will mark your downspout extension as ‘missing’ if you have a splashback instead of an extension pipe, which extends further out. It is of paramount importance that you deflect water away from your foundation as effectively as possible, and home inspectors will look closely at this aspect.

2. Removing trees

Just about any home inspector will tell you that it is detrimental to have trees within 10’ of the house. The roots can cause foundation problems over time, and overhanging branches cause a lot of problems - the leaves falling from the branches clog up your gutters more quickly, and the branches act as bridges for squirrels.

3. Vegetation touching the house

It’s best to trim your shrubbery at least 2’ away from your house to avoid damage to siding, as well as to eliminate pest harborage areas around your house. Pests can gain access into your home quite easily through the weep holes, under siding, and through cracks and crevices in your windows.

4. Paint your gas meter

This may seem like just an aesthetic choice, but it actually serves a practical purpose. Painting your gas meter helps to seal up the pipe connections on your meter, helping to prevent gas leaks; the threads on these connections rust over time, and that corrosion compromises the integrity of the pipes.

5. Check your interior garage door

One way to ensure that your home is up to codes is to make sure you have a self-closing fire-rated door to your garage (this is the interior door to the garage). You can buy these doors from most home improvement stores as well as online. It’s best to have it put in professionally to ensure safety.

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