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3 Inexpensive remodeling options that offer the most bang for your buck

Your home is likely your biggest investment, but you also want it to be a beautiful and comfortable place to live. If you’re considering some remodeling, be sure to keep in mind how the money you spend will affect the value of your home. Often minor updates offer a better return than full redesigns. Here are three less expensive options that offer the most bang for your buck.

1 Bathroom

Replacing fixtures, updating finishes and lighting, replacing the tub and sink, even retiling the floor or tub and shower surrounds can be completed for around $10,000. At resale, you’ll likely get all your money back and more with an average return of 102%.

2 Landscaping

We’re all familiar with the term “curb appeal” and for good reason. What draws a buyer in to look a little closer at a home can make all the difference when selling. The average landscaping project with designer services runs about $5000 and offers as much as 100% return on the value of your home at resale. If you’re unsure where to start, visit your local garden center or nursery. A good designer will work within your budget to achieve a welcoming look you’ll love.

2 Kitchen

As with a minor bathroom remodel, you don’t have to strip everything down to the walls to increase your home’s value. Refacing cabinets, updating fixtures, new appliances and lighting can run an average of $15,000 yet offers almost a full return of your investment of 98.5% at resale.

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